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Monday, April 21, 2014
Time Event Title Category Location
9:30am Application and Extension of Weighted Quantile Sum Regression for the Development of a Clinical Risk Prediction Tool Research One Capitol Square
11:00am Writing Center Workshop: Inter-Genre Creative Writing Academic Harris Hall
11:45am Student Organizations Leadership Lunch Student Life Snead Hall, School of Business
12:30pm Study Abroad General Information Session International Focus Franklin Street Gym
1:00pm VCU WordPress Blog: Create & Maintain Faculty & Professional Development Cabell Library
Time Event Title Category Location
6:00am Rams Swim School - Adult Swim Lessons Session 2 Recreational Sports Cary Street Gym/MCV Campus Rec & Aquatic Center
6:00am Rams Swim School - Adult Swim Lessons Session 3 Recreational Sports Cary Street Gym/MCV Campus Rec & Aquatic Center
7:30am Opening Doors: Contemporary African American Academic Surgeons Library Tompkins-McCaw Library
8:00am Extraordinary Women Leaders Program Academic Snead Hall, School of Business
9:45am Rams Swim School - Children's Swim Lessons Session 2 Recreational Sports Cary Street Gym
3:00pm Thursday Mountain Bike Rides Recreational Sports Outing Rental Center
3:00pm Stand Up Paddleboarding Recreational Sports Outing Rental Center
3:00pm Kayak River Clinics Recreational Sports Outing Rental Center
3:00pm Welcome Alpha Kappa Psi- Information Sessions, Mondays& Wednesdays Academic Snead Hall, School of Business
4:00pm Manchester Wall Climbs Recreational Sports Outing Rental Center
5:00pm ARC CPR/AED/FA Full Certification Course Recreational Sports Cary Street Gym
6:00pm Thursday Peak Shuttle Recreational Sports Outing Rental Center
7:00pm Belay Clinic at Cary Street Gym Recreational Sports Cary Street Gym
9:00pm Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia: A Century of Leadership, 1913-2013 Library Cabell Library

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