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Richmond, Virginia

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Film Screening: Shaken: Journey into the Mind of a Parkinson Patient
  Print Print this event   Add to calendarhttp://24-01-2013 12:00:0024-01-2013 13:00:0015Film Screening: Shaken: Journey into the Mind of a Parkinson PatientFilm Screening: Shaken: Journey into the Mind of a Parkinson PatientHunton Student Center - TML Learning Center, Room 209Mack, Thelma A.mackta@vcu.eduDD/MM/YYYY
Date and Time   Thursday, January 24, 2013
Noon - 1:00 pm

Location   Hunton Student Center - TML Learning Center, Room 209,   MCV Campus
Sponsor(s)   VCU Libraries:
Student Affairs: University Student Commons & Activities

Audience   All
Description   Paul Schroder graduated at the top of his class in electrical engineering, and then was diagnosed with Parkinson?s disease. After a decade of being on medication and growing increasingly debilitated, he decides that radical brain surgery is preferable to sitting on the couch like a vegetable for the rest of his life. While Paul lies awake on the operating table, doctors implant electrodes in his brain and a neurostimulation device underneath his collarbone. The results of this electrifying surgery are mysterious, miraculous and bittersweet. Participants are welcome to bring their lunch. Registration is encouraged. Walk-ins are welcome.
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  Mack, Thelma A.

  Mack, Thelma A.

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