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CERSE's January RNL
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Date and TimeTuesday, January 29, 2013
11:45 am - 1:00 pm
LocationKontos Medical Sciences Building - 104/105,   MCV Campus
Sponsor(s)Humanities & Sciences
Medicine: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Audience All
DescriptionBeginning this month, we are going to change the format of our monthly Research Network Lunches (RNL). From now on, RNLs will not have a guest speaker, topic, or theme. Instead, they will be open to anyone who simply needs to network and exchange ideas. Who should come to the new RNLs? -An established senior faculty with expertise they are willing to share with others -A faculty member who needs assistance in writing a grant proposal -A faculty member who needs a new research assistant but is not sure how to go about doing so -A faculty member who needs collaborators and doesn't know where or who to connect with -Junior faculty who are looking to submit a grant and need to talk about a specific section -A graduate student who wants to expand their research horizons and networking skills -In other words, anyone from any discipline who has a rehabilitation or disability research-based need should come! What has come from past RNLs? -In 2011, four grants were submitted following networking and new collaborations made at RNLs -Strong connections with the VA -Cross-discipline networking and collaboration -Ability for graduate students to meet senior faculty in their fields of interest The purpose of RNLs is to simply foster interdisciplinary, inter-departmental, and inter-agency collaborations. It is a great way to meet people you would otherwise not meet, and hear ideas you otherwise would not hear. Note the following details: When: Tuesday, January 29 th from 11:45am to 1:00pm Where: Hermes A. Kontos Building (MCV Campus), Rooms 104/105 Lunch: Lunch will be provided, but please note in your RSVP email if you have any dietary restrictions Ideas: If you already have specific questions or needs, include them in your RSVP email. RSVP: Email Jessica Bourdon ( no later than Friday, January 25 th
Bourdon, Jessica L.

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