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Online Course Showcase
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Date and TimeFriday, March 15, 2013
Noon - 1:00 pm
LocationHarris Hall - 5182,   Monroe Park Campus
Sponsor(s) Teaching Excellence
SpeakerJason Coats
Audience All
DescriptionSeeing is believing! or so the saying goes! Faculty who are considering teaching online find seeing actual courses and hearing them described can be especially valuable. Discussing the online instructional strategies that really work with the people using them is especially helpful. This course, Visual Poetry, offers an investigation of poems that influence their audiences through visual means. We will consider the work of poets who play with line lengths and white spaces within stanzas as well as those who use imagery in radical or unconventional ways. We will study poems that respond to other visual arts like painting and sculpture, and those that manipulate the relationships between form, meaning, and space. Join this conversation about what Jason Coats has found to be essential components of an online course and how collaboration made his course successful. This is a brown bag lunch format. Bring your lunch and a friend.
Kincannon, Joyce Marie Parker

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