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Google Calendar After Migration - Hands-on Workshop
  Print Print this event   Add to calendarhttp://08-05-2013 09:00:0008-05-2013 10:30:0015Google Calendar After Migration - Hands-on WorkshopGoogle Calendar After Migration - Hands-on WorkshopTechnology Administration Building - 108VCU helpIT Centerhelpit@vcu.eduDD/MM/YYYY
Date and Time   Wednesday, May 8, 2013
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Location   Technology Administration Building - 108,   Monroe Park Campus
Sponsor(s)   Technology Services:User Services
Speaker   Technology Services
Audience   VCU Faculty, VCU Staff, VCU Students
Description   We are offering a workshop designed for people who have migrated to Google appsforVCU and are interested in learning more about the Google Calendar.

Learning Objectives:
  • Setup calendar settings
  • Create calendar events
  • Schedule resources/rooms
  • Share calendar
  • Setup notifications
  • Create a new calendar
  • Add other calendars
  • Explore appointment slots

Note: Check out the "Getting Started - A Guide for Faculty and Staff" on the appsforVCU Gone Google webpage.

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  VCU helpIT Center
(804) 828-2227

  VCU helpIT Center
(804) 828-2227

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