Fall 2020

University calendars are accurate at the time of publication/posting, but subject to change. Some school and/or departmental calendars may differ from the university?s academic calendar. Please check with the specific program of study to ensure the appropriate calendar is followed. Reading Day and Fall break are both canceled [ OTHER SEMESTERS ]

August 2020
T 11 Orientation for new graduate students
Sa 15 Weeks of Welcome begin
Sn 16 New Student Convocation [This is a date change]
M 17 Classes begin
MCV campus students - follow departmental schedule [This is a date change]
M 24 Last day to add a course and late registration [This is a date and entry change]
W 26 Deadline for dean/departmental offices to submit all approved undergraduate change of major requests effective for the fall 2020 semester
F 28 Deadline for students to provide advance written notification to instructors of intent to observe religious holidays*
M 31 Last day to drop a course [This is new entry]
September 2020
F 4 Last day for fall degree candidates to submit graduation applications for December degrees
M 7 University closed
R 10 Faculty Convocation [This is a new entry]
October 2020
F 23 Midterm grades due
T 27 Spring semester advance registration begins
November 2020
T 3 University closed [This is a new entry]
W 11 Veterans Day - University open - Classes in Session
Honor American Veterans of all Wars - Learn more about Veterans Day
T 24 Last day to withdraw from a course with a mark of “W” – both campuses (except for courses not scheduled for the full semester) [This is a date change]
T 24 Last day of classes – both campuses [This is a date and entry change]
W-Sn 25 - 29 University closed - University will close at 12 p.m. on Nov 25
M-F 30 - Dec 4 Final examinations, held remotely – MCV campus [This is a date and entry change]
M-M 30 - Dec 7 Final examinations, held remotely – Monroe Park campus [This is a date and entry change]
December 2020
F 4 Final date for graduate dean’s approval signature on completion of graduate thesis/dissertation for December degree candidates (check with graduate program director regarding internal schedules for submission of copy, defense and school/college dean approval) [This is a date change]
F 4 Final date for submission of thesis/dissertation to the VCU Scholars Compass [This is a date change]
M 7 Last day for grades of incomplete to be converted from spring semester or summer sessions
TBA December School and Departmental commencement ceremonies [This is an entry change]
TBA December universitywide commencement ceremony [This is an entry change]
M 14 Final grades are due by noon using Faculty eServices [This is a date change]
Sa 19 Official date for certifying December diplomas
M-F 21 - Jan 1 University closed
M 28 Holiday intersession classes begin
W 30 Deadline for students to provide advance written notification to instructors of intent to observe religious holidays – holiday intersession*
* Reasonable accommodations for completion of work missed should be made for students observing religious holidays.