Fall 2021

University calendars are accurate at the time of publication/posting, but subject to change. Some school and/or departmental calendars may differ from the university's academic calendar. Please check with the specific program of study to ensure the appropriate calendar is followed. [ OTHER SEMESTERS ]

August 2021
T 17 Orientation for new graduate students
Sa 21 Weeks of Welcome begin
M 23 New Student Convocation
T 24 Classes begin
MCV campus students - follow departmental schedule
T-M 24 - 30 Add/drop and late registration
TBA Faculty Convocation
September 2021
W 1 Deadline for dean/departmental offices to submit all approved undergraduate change of major requests effective for the fall 2021 semester
F 3 Deadline for students to provide advance written notification to instructors of intent to observe religious holidays*
M 6 University closed**
F 10 Last day for fall degree candidates to submit graduation applications for December degrees
October 2021
F 22 Reading day, no classes held – Monroe Park campus
F 29 Midterm grades due
November 2021
T 2 Spring semester advance registration begins
F 5 Last day to withdraw from a course with a mark of “W” – both campuses (except for courses not scheduled for the full semester)
R 11 Veterans Day - University open - Classes in Session
Honor American Veterans of all Wars - Learn more about Veterans Day
M-Sn 22 - 28 Fall break, no classes held (University offices open Nov 22 through Nov 24) - Monroe Park campus
MCV campus students - follow departmental schedule
R-Sn 25 - 28 University closed **
December 2021
R-Sn 9 - 12 December School and Departmental commencement ceremonies
F 10 Last day of classes – MCV campus
Sa 11 December universitywide commencement ceremony
M 13 Last day for grades of incomplete to be converted from spring semester or summer sessions
M 13 Last day of classes - Monroe Park Campus
M-F 13 - 17 Final examinations – MCV campus
T-T 14 - 21 Final examinationsMonroe Park campus
F 17 Final date for graduate dean’s approval signature on completion of graduate thesis/dissertation for December degree candidates (check with graduate program director regarding internal schedules for submission of copy, defense and school/college dean approval)
F 17 Final date for submission of thesis/dissertation to the VCU Scholars Compass
W 22 Final grades are due by noon using Faculty eServices
F-Sa 24 - Jan 1 University closed**
Sa 25 Official date for certifying December diplomas
M 27 Holiday intersession classes begin
W 29 Deadline for students to provide advance written notification to instructors of intent to observe religious holidays – holiday intersession*
* Reasonable accommodations for completion of work missed should be made for students observing religious holidays.
** Subject to approval.